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Lol #truth
#tbt That was a really good #selfie. Curls popping, face flawless, #eyebrowsonfleek LOL Im blessed
I don’t know what to call this hairstyle so I’m gonna call it A Shame! Smh #tbt
Pulled em out for #breastcancerawareness day at work. Ain’t matching not nothing lol
The songs are actually good!!! #tracibraxton
No lie, keeps messing up my rotation!!!
Rip Geoffrey Holder. I love Carmen and Geoffrey. Such a great love story about a man and his muse. One should be so fortunate to experience a love like theirs. #geoffreyholder
Dear Jesus, Whose husband is this and why was he not mine? I’m not being trying to be thirsty … That man is just beautiful! #mcm @_chrisclassic
The Cluck It from #samsons Turkey do with chicken chili, mashed potatoes, Mac and Cheese, bacon, smoked jalapeños. Nine inches of fun on a bun! #dallas