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Weekend scruggles

You know what sucks worse than growing your hair out? Growing your eyebrows out! My eyebrows are the #scandal and they will get handled!

Ugh 635 #dallas

Another ponytail brought to you by the blood of Jesus, cause that’s what keeping this sucker on. Telling this wind “Peace be still so this piece will be still!” HA!!! #imstupid
Shoooo Will!!! Love me a bearded boo!! #beardgang
Why am I tripping? #mondaymotivation

Dear #McDonalds Your service is trash

I don’t care how much exotic products I try, I’ll always come back to you!!! #naturalhair #pantene
The night I almost pulled #oomf because he couldn’t remember where he knew me from. Could’ve Catfished him but I was gracious! #tbt
True story #curvywomenrule #tbt